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I was recently taken back to one of my most favourite places – Kruger National Park (in South Africa). Unfortunately, this was a not a personal visit, which would have been lovely, but Lisa (“Notes from Africa“) is currently travelling … Continue reading

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Foxy – a special meerkat

I recently was lucky enough to spend a month travelling in South Africa. The purpose for the visit was primarily to do some very exciting family tree research, to catch up with newly found family members and to get my … Continue reading

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What on earth…..??

Recently, I came across this item in a display yard in a museum. I was intrigued and amused to find out what it was. It is missing some wheels, but is otherwise intact. Here is the challenge… Do you know … Continue reading

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Take me to Africa….

Every now and again, life gets incredibly frustrating and I feel a deep need to escape from the daily grind. This past week has turned out to be one of those times. To get away from the complexities of our … Continue reading

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Hyrax – a great name for a lovely animal

One of my favourite animals is one that I did not come across until recent years. The reason for this was simply that I seldom went to the sorts of places where it likes to live. This lovely animal is … Continue reading

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Beware the baboon!

As a child growing up in rural Africa, I do not recall many instances where we warned about potential danger from wild animals. I suppose we never really interacted with anything that could be dangerous other than the occasional venomous … Continue reading

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Weekly travel theme: a paler shade of red

If you (like me) have a weakness for wanting to stop and photograph flowers, animals and plants, then you will not get very far bushwalking in the environment below. Your bushwalking peers probably won’t understand your compulsion to spend the … Continue reading

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