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Capturing and sharing photo-stories

Have you ever had to sit through someone’s slide night and feign interest in their last trip to wherever? Images one to 20 were great, 20 – 40 were getting a little tedious, and by number 50, someone was making … Continue reading

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Have you ever…. had issues with photo sizes?

I live in an area on the edge of a medium sized city, where many ‘in town’ inhabitants have good access to the internet. However, despite many political promises, it seems that our district is stuck with inadequate online capability and will be for … Continue reading

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Have you ever… forgotten where you took that photo?

I have lots of photos, which I am sure is something most of us have nowadays. With the advent of the digital age, it has become delightfully easy to snap away at least a few shots of each item of … Continue reading

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Focus up close

I am constantly amazed at the variety of ecological microhabitats that become the subject of many posts by fellow bloggers. I am not sure whether these people spend a lot of time searching for these subjects or whether they just … Continue reading

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I wish I were a talented artist

Before the advent of photography, people were taught to draw and paint to capture the things they saw in everyday life. Some painted people, others replicated images of natural scenes. Great battalions and their uniformed leaders also featured greatly. Some … Continue reading

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New photos for old

I am so delighted that I was born in an era when the digital revolution has swept through the world. As a young child, I yearned for imaginary technological tools that simply did not exist. My own children cannot imagine … Continue reading

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