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Dancing on the wild side!

I recently read a beautiful post titled “Wanna dance?” What followed was a wonderful recount of a pause in time – to simply soak up the present and enjoy the beauty that nature had on offer. Yet the main feature of the post was … Continue reading

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Fire in the sky

I am very spoilt in that I get treated to lots of spectacular sunrises and sunsets where I live. Some do not last for very long, the incredible colours and clouds are there for a matter of minutes before fading away. For these, … Continue reading

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Paint me a sky

This blog has been quiet for a while now as regular readers will have noted. With good reason. Things have been somewhat very, very busy. Recalling the post on laying bricks, that house is now a home; gardens are thriving, … Continue reading

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Chasing sunbeams

Recently, we were invited to attend a farewell function for a friend who was retiring from work. The dinner was being held some 600km from where we lived, so we were on the road for quite a while – travelling … Continue reading

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On my knees – finding botanical treasures at Cape Point

Every now and again, one will come upon something quite exquisite and very exciting. But to really appreciate the value and get full impact from the feature, one may have to resort to some unusual practices. Cave explorers shimmy up … Continue reading

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Gazing skyward

As a small child, I used to enjoy lying on the grass and sometimes feeling quite dizzy as I watched the clouds race across the sky. Nowadays I spend a lot of time outdoors, simply looking where I am going … Continue reading

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