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I was recently taken back to one of my most favourite places – Kruger National Park (in South Africa). Unfortunately, this was a not a personal visit, which would have been lovely, but Lisa (“Notes from Africa“) is currently travelling … Continue reading

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Foxy – a special meerkat

I recently was lucky enough to spend a month travelling in South Africa. The purpose for the visit was primarily to do some very exciting family tree research, to catch up with newly found family members and to get my … Continue reading

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Mud, glorious mud!

Some animals use sunblock and insecticide on a regular basis and have done for centuries. Not the wonderfully blended and highly researched chemicals that we rely on – these are just not readily available in the bush and very impractical for big … Continue reading

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Nature’s knots!

While gazing upward at the most incredible mountains I have ever seen, I nearly missed something else, which was just as amazing. The mountains were the mighty Drakensberge in South Africa. The walk I was on will appear in a … Continue reading

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Have you ever…. seen a Social Weaver nest?

Travelling in the north west of South Africa, in the beautiful Kalahari desert, you may be surprised to come across what looks like a bale of hay suspended on a power pole! Further investigation will reveal a constant stream of … Continue reading

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The Silvereyes have arrived

Recently, I was rather excited to find that one of my Grass Trees or Xanthorrhoea‘s had developed a flower spike. The reason for the excitement was that I had waited some 14 years for this to happen, having nurtured these … Continue reading

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Goanna up a gum tree!

When one thinks of Australian fauna, the animals that come immediately to mind are Koalas, Kangaroos and Wallabies. For those who prefer critters with feathers, there are also many beautiful birds to enjoy. However, an animal which is not generally readily … Continue reading

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