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Roses in vineyards

Have you ever… wondered why roses are or were grown in vineyards? One often sees roses planted at the end of rows of vines in vineyards. Yet, this seems a rather silly place to plant something that is considered a … Continue reading

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Have you ever – lived your dream?

Wow! Where does the time go? So much for all my promises and intentions to post more regularly on this blog! But I have been putting the time to good use – I promise! Which brings me to the purpose … Continue reading

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Have you ever…. had issues with photo sizes?

I live in an area on the edge of a medium sized city, where many ‘in town’ inhabitants have good access to the internet. However, despite many political promises, it seems that our district is stuck with inadequate online capability and will be for … Continue reading

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R U OK day

Today is “R U OK?” day in Australia. What does this mean? Well it is a day when people are invited to stop and think about those around them and to ask – “Are you OK?”. Quite often, those who mentally … Continue reading

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Have you ever… seen a Xanthorrhoea flower?

There is no doubt. There are some pretty amazing plants in this world of ours. Two in particular stand out for me amongst the Australian flora – the Gymea Lily and the Xanthorrhoea or Grass Tree. Gymea Lilies do not … Continue reading

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Fire in the sky

I am very spoilt in that I get treated to lots of spectacular sunrises and sunsets where I live. Some do not last for very long, the incredible colours and clouds are there for a matter of minutes before fading away. For these, … Continue reading

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Paint me a sky

This blog has been quiet for a while now as regular readers will have noted. With good reason. Things have been somewhat very, very busy. Recalling the post on laying bricks, that house is now a home; gardens are thriving, … Continue reading

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