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Chasing sunbeams

Recently, we were invited to attend a farewell function for a friend who was retiring from work. The dinner was being held some 600km from where we lived, so we were on the road for quite a while – travelling … Continue reading

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Music in pictures: Imagine

Imagine… that incredible song of John Lennon’s. Now there is a beautiful, haunting melody and enticing words, encouraging human kind to explore a world which is just a bit different with everyone living together and enjoying the current moment. Pure … Continue reading

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Music in pictures: See the world in reflection

I was never a great musician and I am reliably informed that my singing is awful too (but it sounds just fine to me!). However, I do enjoy lovely music and find that the right tunes can really help when … Continue reading

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Music in pictures: Trusting an elastic band

Autuminbruges has posted a lovely song Better Days by Eddie Vedder. In the quest to find an interpretation of this music in response to this interesting challenge, I have decided to go with a somewhat literal view of the lyrics. A … Continue reading

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Of Magpies and music

I am not a keen bird watcher. I was given lots of talents, but for me, being able to see ‘detail in the distance’ requires glasses or binoculars. It follows then, that if I can’t see the birds, I certainly … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Rhythm on the streets of Dijon

Ailsa, who hosts Where’s my backpack has described a time when music and rhythm made a deep impact on her while she was traveling in a foreign country. She set a challenge for others to also share their musical experiences. … Continue reading

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