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I was recently taken back to one of my most favourite places – Kruger National Park (in South Africa). Unfortunately, this was a not a personal visit, which would have been lovely, but Lisa (“Notes from Africa“) is currently travelling … Continue reading

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Roses in vineyards

Have you ever… wondered why roses are or were grown in vineyards? One often sees roses planted at the end of rows of vines in vineyards. Yet, this seems a rather silly place to plant something that is considered a … Continue reading

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Have you ever – lived your dream?

Wow! Where does the time go? So much for all my promises and intentions to post more regularly on this blog! But I have been putting the time to good use – I promise! Which brings me to the purpose … Continue reading

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Capturing and sharing photo-stories

Have you ever had to sit through someone’s slide night and feign interest in their last trip to wherever? Images one to 20 were great, 20 – 40 were getting a little tedious, and by number 50, someone was making … Continue reading

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Dancing on the wild side!

I recently read a beautiful post titled “Wanna dance?” What followed was a wonderful recount of a pause in time – to simply soak up the present and enjoy the beauty that nature had on offer. Yet the main feature of the post was … Continue reading

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100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #166

Do you want to write too? Click below: This week’s prompt is … checking in proved to be… +100 words Night ride She sighed. It was hot and the platform was crowded – the last train to Lyon was delayed. The announcement … Continue reading

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Do you need a gun for your mailbox?

Strange and bizarre it may seem, but two of our latest mailboxes have guns! Not real guns of course, but if one is to have Ned Kelly standing at your gate, he would look a bit out of place without … Continue reading

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