I was recently taken back to one of my most favourite places – Kruger National Park (in South Africa). Unfortunately, this was a not a personal visit, which would have been lovely, but Lisa (“Notes from Africa“) is currently travelling in Kruger and telling her readers of the things she has seen.

I am really enjoying following her posts as she and her partner Willie travel about, spotting different animals and getting captured by the amazing beauty of this incredible place.

In one of her posts, Lisa has a collection of zebra photos. One of these is captioned ‘Zebra crossing’! It brought to mind a photo I managed to get some years ago, very near where one crosses the Tropic of Capricorn in the park (between Pundu Maria and Mopani). Unfortunately, though, the zebra were not actually crossing this geographical line (what a photo that would have made!).

But here is my version of ‘Zebra crossing’.

Four zebras, crossing a road in single file – a perfect ‘zebra crossing’!

We were very lucky on this trip to see many amazing things. A leopard having an argument with a hyena over who should have the other half of the zebra hanging in a tree was one memorable event! The hyena won! The leopard was balanced in the tree, along with the remains of the zebra which it had been feeding on for some days. The hyena jumped from the ground, managed to grab a part of the zebra and simply hung on, until the leopard let the kill go! Such drama!

We also managed to get a good look at two cheetahs that were making their way across a recently burnt area in the park. We were able to watch for about 30 mins, as they waited for dusk to fall, to start their hunting.

Cheetah at rest. Kruger National Park

Cheetah at rest. Kruger National Park

Cheetahs waiting for dusk. Kruger National Park.

Cheetahs waiting for dusk. Kruger National Park.

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2 Responses to Kruger

  1. Oh wow! Your Zebra crossing photo is so much better than ours. Good capture! That sighting of the leopard and hyena must have been amazing. Why can’t Willie & I have sightings like that?! 🙂

    Good to see you posting again! 🙂


  2. fishwords says:

    How wonderful! There’s no place like the bush. You have had some spectacular experiences.


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