Have you ever…. eaten a BIG egg?


5 average sized eggs and one huge one!

3point3ozThis post is not about lovely big chocolate eggs which a friendly rabbit leaves around the Easter season. Nor is it about the eggs of the mighty ostrich which are huge – weighing in at about 20 times that of a domestic chicken egg.

94g Regular readers will know that I have two red chickens (or chooks as they are colloquially known in Australia). These wonderful birds regularly produce an egg each day, most of which are about 60g in size.
Recently though, we were surprised to find an enormous egg instead of the regular sized ones (and no, it was not a visiting bird, the chook yard is fully enclosed :-)). It weighed 94g or 3.3 ounces! I was certain it would be a “double yolker”, but no, just a single big yolk was found inside.

Have you ever had chickens and had them produce occasional huge eggs?

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19 Responses to Have you ever…. eaten a BIG egg?

  1. fishwords says:




  2. Poor little chicken. 😀
    No I’ve never had my own chickens, but in the last while I find medium, large and extra large eggs in grocery stores here are not the sizes they used to be. As well, boiled eggs don’t peel like they used to and the yolks are too darn light.


  3. cocoaupnorth says:

    Wow! That’s a BIG egg:)


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