R U OK day

Today is “R U OK?” day in Australia.

What does this mean? Well it is a day when people are invited to stop and think about those around them and to ask – “Are you OK?”. Quite often, those who mentally troubled, or have a lot of life worries, tend to internalise them and do not let anyone know what they are going through.

So, how about it? Why not ask those around you if they are OK? They may seem to be OK on the surface, but this may be a facade. The simple act of kindness from someone around them who took the time to genuinely ask about their welfare could make such a difference to their lives.

It is rare that I am able to photograph a bird this close, but this little animal was not OK. It died not long after I took this photo. Yet it looks so perfect here.

A beautiful Double Barred Finch.

A beautiful Double Barred Finch.


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7 Responses to R U OK day

  1. Colline says:

    Often when I am asked that question I lie and say yes. The person who asks should show true interest in the response or else the response will not be a truthful one.


  2. This is a wonderful reminder. We all lie and say we are okay when we are not. ❤ Often without even thinking. It's an automatic response. As Colline mentions, we should look deeper to be sure every is indeed okay.


    • Madoqua says:

      I agree. But as Colline has noted, sometimes the question is asked with little attention being paid to whether an answer is likely to be forthcoming, so the respondent says little or nothing, when in fact, they really could use an empathetic listener.
      I also think one can sometimes “read between the lines” in some blog posts….. the writer may be reaching out to readers, looking for someone to respond to their thoughts/writings.

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  3. scrapydo says:

    I have a few older people who are really interested in me and I am in them. We are not friends as in real friends but we ask each other if we/they are okay each time we see each other. We share the deeper okay or not okays with each other


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