Fire in the sky

I am very spoilt in that I get treated to lots of spectacular sunrises and sunsets where I live. Some do not last for very long, the incredible colours and clouds are there for a matter of minutes before fading away. For these, all you can do is watch and marvel. Others are more obliging and will give you time to race away for the camera, then treat you to a kaleidoscope of shapes, stunning colours and a large dose of whimsy, all of which you can try to capture digitally if you wish.
FireCloudHave you ever experienced a really different sort of sunset though?

Towards the end of autumn, I looked up to see something which fascinated me. It appeared as if the clouds were on fire. Indeed, someone had lit a large fire on the ground below, and the smoke had become part of the complex and beautiful sunset image.

I really liked the colours, particularly those in the image above. The intense blue of the sky contrasts with the smoky orange and little tantalising bits of sun form a line along the edge of the clouds!

Definitely a case of ‘Fire in the sky!’

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10 Responses to Fire in the sky

  1. Fire in the sky. Wow. Spectacular!

    I don’t often see sunrises or sunsets, or at least I haven’t for a long time. Recently, I spent some time with my sisters at a cottage and saw some awesome sunsets.


  2. Colline says:

    These are fantastic. I rarely see the sunset as the view is blocked by the buildings that surround us 😦


    • Madoqua says:

      We are very lucky to live on the outskirts of a city with lots of open space. It is lovely. I am not a city person, although I must admit there are benefits to be found in both.


  3. Spectacular! My favourite part of a day!!


  4. pommepal says:

    Really unusual cloud formations enhanced by the gorgeous sunset colours.


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