Weekend mechanic

Where has the time gone? It has been nearly two months since I put a post on this blog! I will blame the short winter days (it always puzzles me how I seem to get more done in summer, yet the actual number of hours in each day is exactly the same!)

However, I have a number of great mailboxes to add to our collection, so best be putting at least one of them up!

This interesting specimen of mailbox has had me amused for many years, but I only got a photo of it recently! A happy go lucky weekend mechanic with hefty spanner in one hand and a beer in the other. A sensible hat and dark sunnies keep the sun at bay, while shorts, a T shirt and bare feet remind one of long, balmy summer days. He’s my kind of mailman!

Time for a beer?

Time for a beer?

A lot of work has gone into his creation, and he is always immaculately dressed in new paint!

We can fix your car while we enjoy a good yarn or two.

We can fix your car while we enjoy a good yarn or two.

How is your mailbox searching going? If you have come across any, why not add them to our collection? You will find many others on the Amazing Mailbox Quest list, along with instructions on how to get your mailboxes included. The more we get, the more fun we can have!

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8 Responses to Weekend mechanic

  1. macmsue says:

    Fabulous mailbox, I really admire the ingenuity and skill of the maker.


  2. Colline says:

    I love this one – it is unique and original.


  3. scrapydo says:

    Very special!


  4. pommepal says:

    Great imagination gone into this one Madoqua, love his cheery outfit.


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