Travel theme: unexpected shoe post

Sydney is a typical large city in that it has some beautiful areas and some not so great. It has quiet spaces with trees and lawns and busy streets filled with traffic and noise. A recent trip along a very busy road with few aesthetic qualities, provided a very unexpected sight! A street light post  had a number of shoes attached!

A shoe pole!

A shoe pole!

I have no idea why the ‘shoe pole’ had been made. I think it was unlikely to be the work of a number of passers-by, some shoes are attached very high up. Perhaps it was a novel attention seeking tactic to advertise the shop in the background?

Whatever its purpose, there was no time to wonder, the traffic was on the move, and it was all I could do to quickly get a photo as we moved by!

This post is a reply to a post by Ailsa from Where’s my backpack, who challenged her readers to document the ‘unexpected’!

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