Happy Herb and Cool Granny

Travel on any major thoroughfare in Australia these days and you will encounter a range of the most exciting, enticing vehicles you could imagine. Caravans and campervans of all shapes and sizes are being towed endlessly around the country as their occupants unwind and relax into retirement.

Some of these mobile homes are fantastically large and luxurious, others more fundamental depending on the personal tastes and budgets of the occupants. But one thing they do all have in common – these retired ‘grey nomads’ are out to have a great time and to enjoy every day to the fullest.

Happy Herb looks very content with his lot in life!

Happy Herb looks very content with his lot in life! The campsite with its single occupant van is visible in the distance.

Passing a rest area on one of my recent travels through the highlands of Victoria, I was delighted by the advertisement left on the roadside by one gypsy couple. I am not sure if the intent was to invite fellow grey nomads to pull in and stay awhile, or just to have fun. Meet Happy Herb and Cool Granny!

Aren’t they delightful?

"Cool granny" waves happily at passers-by

“Cool granny” waves happily at passers-by

Are you a grey nomad? Travelling about, enjoying your well earned retirement. Would you consider stopping for a chat and a cuppa if you passed this couple?


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7 Responses to Happy Herb and Cool Granny

  1. I haven;t traveled much for many, many years. I now have my interest geared up tut I have not been far enough to see Happy Herb and Cool Granny. ~(*_*)~~


  2. macmsue says:

    I’m still waiting for my husband to retire so we can roam a lot more but we have had a couple of 3 month jaunts and loved them. I’ll bet Happy Herb & Cool Granny have heard a few stories, they’d be great listeners.


  3. Erin Mackrell says:

    Love driving passed these guys. I travel Gippsland to Strathbogie regularly


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