Have you ever…. seen a Koala in the wild?

I have travelled through many forests and woodlands in Australia. Some have been extensive ecological treasures, others have been relatively narrow corridors along roadways.

With our unique wildlife, it follows that we also have some rather unique roadsigns, within these areas – most of which I treat with a level of disbelief :-). I would love to see a Wombat each time I see a sign warning that they are about, or a Koala, well…….now that would be such a treat!

A week or so ago I was travelling through a small area of forest, watching for interesting mailboxes (as one does!), when we passed one such “Koala” sign. As usual, though, it ignited no interest.


Koalas about!

Then, not far along the road……. we actually passed a Koala sitting on the side of the road! That certainly ignited my interest, and I watched as it patiently waited for the car to pass, then crossed the road and vanished! :-0

The road was too narrow to pull over, so you will have to take my word that it was there! I did get some photos at the top of the road, so you can see what sort of vegetation these animals prefer. This is only the second time I have seen a Koala in the wild – how lucky was I?


Looking up the road – no Koalas in sight 😦


Looking down the road – no Koalas in sight 😦

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5 Responses to Have you ever…. seen a Koala in the wild?

  1. macmsue says:

    I’ve become quite blase about koalas now, we often see them about our place in the Adelaide Hills, not many seem to have the road sense of the one you spotted.


  2. I’ve never seen one and now I want to, but I live too far away. 😀


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