A blooming bike!

A recent trip across the central western area in NSW took me through some magnificent grazing farming country. Occasional Eucalyptus trees scattered through a green, fresh, autumn landscape provided interesting relief, as did the occasional hill and small creek.

A rather bizarre looking tree in the distance.

A rather bizarre looking tree in the distance.

A bike tree?

A bike tree?

I was totally unprepared for the rather exotic specimen of tree which had been planted at a cross roads, far from any habitation and remote from any structure to which it could be associated.

Someone had had a lot of fun assembling three bicycles and a number of other odd assorted sundries into a ‘tree’.

There was no explanation or indication of the purpose of this sculpture – I guess its creator just wanted to make a statement or perhaps have a giggle as they watched people like me pull up and wander over to try and figure it all out!

A cheeky sense of humour!

A cheeky sense of humour!

Ailsa, from ‘Where’s my backpack’, has a travel theme challenge of ‘Blossom‘ this week. This tree had the most unusual blossom on one of its handlebars (that is to say, its branches 🙂 ).

An item of ladies’ underwear – rather cheeky I think, but certainly unique!

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8 Responses to A blooming bike!

  1. sueslaght says:

    As a cyclist I particularly love this take on the theme! 🙂


  2. What a lark! A bicycle tree. Such a fantasy. Life IS stranger than fiction.


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