When I get wheels…..

Alas, there is something quite sad about a vehicle that has lost its wheels. The axles are still intact, as is the comfy seat, but that steering wheel really is just for show!

When I get wheels, I want to be a Four Wheel Drive!

When I had wheels, I was a tough Four Wheel Drive!

Someone has taken this vehicle (perhaps it was a favourite childhood toy?) and has ingeniously given it new life as a decoration for their mailbox.

If I had wheels......

If only I still had wheels……

As if teasing, the small vehicle below (with all its wheels still intact) sits cheekily on a neighbour’s mailbox. It does lack the character of its rugged peer, however, despite all its intricate  body-artwork!

Have you ever thought about creating your own mailbox masterpiece? Does your home have a feature you could use for inspiration?

Beep-peep! I have wheels.....

Beep-peep! I have wheels…..

We have lots of interesting mailboxes in our collection and the quest to find more continues. To see what others have already posted and to find out how to add your contributions, check out the Amazing Mailbox Quest.

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One Response to When I get wheels…..

  1. pommepal says:

    You must live in a very arty-crafty neighbourhood Madoqua.


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