Paint me a sky

This blog has been quiet for a while now as regular readers will have noted. With good reason. Things have been somewhat very, very busy.

Recalling the post on laying bricks, that house is now a home; gardens are thriving, lawns are turning green and driveways have been built (before the winter mud becomes problematic).

On the wildlife scene, our small group of kangaroos is now a sizeable mob – they entertain us every day with their antics and activities (they are incredibly inquisitive!).

The autumn here has been very pleasant with some spectacular highlights – mostly stunning sunsets, warm balmy days and an eclipse of the moon thrown in for good measure (last week).

One evening in particular, was a delight.

Sky1 Sky2
What a joy. I wish I could paint!

Or should I be more specific (after having spent weeks painting walls and ceilings in the house :-() – I wish I could paint sunsets on canvas!

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10 Responses to Paint me a sky

  1. Colline says:

    You may not be able to paint but you can take beautiful photographs. Beautiful skies.


  2. i wish i were there, and if so, we’d paint one of those flaming skies!

    after a day of hard work, it’s amazing how well we sleep, isn’t it/ it’s also amazing how much my back thanks me for taking a break, which i am doing right now as i wait for paint to dry on a concrete floor!



  3. mudlips says:

    Hey, welcome back. Glad you’re busy and but having time to enjoy the sky show.


  4. pommepal says:

    Welcome back Madoqua, hope you will be able to show us around your finished home. That sunset is stunning.


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