Past and future captured together

Some areas of the highlands of southern NSW are very windy places. Because of this, they have been selected as ideal locations for power generating windmills. I find these enormous structures absolutely fascinating. They are sleek, modern and very well maintained and are increasingly  becoming a familiar sight in the Australian landscape. They turn with a methodical, slow, even pace, which is somewhat unsettling, as one expects them to react to the wind gusts like other windmills.

They are a direct contrast with the old (water) windmills which one can still find dotted around the countryside. The latter are very much at the mercy of the wind and the elements and usually show many signs of their age, wear and tear. Along with old windmills, other old structures are also a feature of the rural landscape. For example, it is not uncommon to have stock yards nearby so that sheep and cattle can be easily herded as they arrive to drink each day.

Old stock yards show their age

Old stock yards show their age

These photos show a set of very old stock yards. Crusted with bright orange algae and lichens they were originally constructed from timber. As the main supports moved in the ground, it became necessary to reinforce the joints with wire. Now, however, the wire has also become loose and the yards are no longer useful for their original intent. However, they do provide a stark reminder of the past while framing the view of the modern power generating windmills in the distance.

Power generating windmills in the southern highlands of NSW, Australia

Power generating windmills in the southern highlands of NSW, Australia

Do you have any photos which show the past and the future at the same time? Perhaps you would like to upload and describe your photo as a reply to this post.

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6 Responses to Past and future captured together

  1. Pete says:

    For earths survival….at times the past and the future must coexist.


  2. scrapydo says:

    I’ll have to go through my archives! I am busy clean up my photos because they are only dated and that’s not working anymore. I have to sort them and name them properly!


  3. pommepal says:

    That is an interesting viewpoint, and makes a good composition too


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