A small metal wheel

Carcassone is well known place in France and it is also a very popular tourist destination. Its main attraction is a remarkable, 3km long double wall which surrounds the town. Not only is the wall in very good condition, but so are many of the buildings associated with the wall and its history. I enjoyed exploring this lovely place and found the cobbled streets and alleyways fascinating. In particular, I found two old wells, spaced well apart in small squares which must once have been very busy places. As someone who feels compelled to investigate anything associated with water, I had to take a closer look to see if they were still functional – alas not!


However, I spotted two of these little devices above the smaller well. I wonder how many millions of buckets of water this little wheel must have helped to raise from the depths in the 2500 years the citadel has been in existence?


Ailsa, from “Where’s my backpack” has challenged her readers to respond to the travel theme: “possibility”. To me this small wheel above this well is symbolic of so much possibility. So small and simple, yet so important!


Then consider how much could be achieved in the town because a reliable source of water was available. And all this before one starts to think of all that has become possible because of the wheel itself!

For other examples of “possibilities” please check out Ailsa’s post! You can find out a lot more about Carcassone on this Wikipedia site

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