Discovering relatives!

Have you ever…. researched your family tree? Or perhaps you have someone else in your family to diligently captures dates times and major events for family posterity?

I have been interested in tracing both my maternal and paternal ancestors for a number of years. My mother’s family have provided a significant challenge due to their tendency to not only move about within a country, but to also irregularly move between countries and continents! Add to this a few mysterious family disagreements which resulted in Bill no longer speaking with Mary’s family and the communication bridges tumble into ruins.

As a result, my maternal tree was rather lopsided, with information only traceable from my grandmothers perspective. I knew a bit about my grandfather’s immediate family (parents and siblings), but beyond that, things were not so easy. We had a few sketchy facts, but not enough to do any serious research.

Every now and again, I optimistically run some key searches on the internet, to see if anyone else is posting any information that could assist. A week ago, I was doing just this, and I was overjoyed to discover that someone was indeed working on the same family! What excitement – after searching for so many years!

A perfect new  little hand reaches out to an older, more worn out version (mine!)

A perfect ‘new’ little hand reaches out to an older, more worn out version (mine!)

I have now made contact with the owner of this tree and as a result, have “discovered” a whole branch of my grandfather’s family that I did not know before! They too, have discovered my family! We now have much family reuniting to look forward to – what a wonderful Christmas gift we have all received!

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9 Responses to Discovering relatives!

  1. KnitNell says:

    That is a lovely story. Congratulations.


  2. restlessjo says:

    That sounds wonderful, Madoqua. I remember how we felt when the Polish family made contact. I’ve never tried to follow my mothers side though. She’s been dead for 23 years and has no surviving brothers or sisters so I wouldn’t know where to start. I think maybe I have my hands full enough with the Polish clan. 🙂


  3. scrapydo says:

    Wonderful! My older sister did the family tree and she could trace my mothers side way back to 1600. My father was more difficult.


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