Bush fragrance

Have you ever… taken the time to really get up close and personal with a small creek? I don’t mean those terrible polluted urban waterways that sometimes earn the name creek – I mean the real thing. Perfectly clean and clear water, generally only a few centimetres or inches deep and literally wriggling with wildlife! Bushes and trees hang overhead, ready to drop leaves and twigs into the water, keeping the water shaded and cool.


One thing these sorts of creeks have in common is a distinctive fragrance. It is often very subtle, but rarely is it entirely absent if the creek is healthy. Old vegetation in the process of turning itself into nutritious goodies for new plants, wet sand and mud emitting a dampness that is quite unmistakeable, insects conjuring magical smells to attract their mates, plants and flowers also contributing significantly to the cacophony of aromas.


Some may question my description of this damp earthy smell as ‘fragrant’. But for someone who comes from a very dry climate in a very dry country, this is a treasured fragrance like none other!


All these photos were taken at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve near Swellendam in South Africa.

This is a reply to the challenge from Ailsa who has challenged her readers to post an article or photo related to the travel theme: fragrant. For a cycle ride through lavender fields (a whole different fragrant experience!) please cross to Fields of lavender – another response to this challenge.

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5 Responses to Bush fragrance

  1. Colline says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful creek. I love the fragrance of these settings – they always smell so alive.


  2. I enjoyed both of your responses to this challenge.


  3. KnitNell says:

    I like the subject of the challenge – Fragrant – I do often think that even cities have their own distinctive smell as well as the different countryside areas that we visit on our travels.


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