Every now and then..

Every now and then, unexpected things happen that impact significantly on our lives. Some of the latter may be exciting while others are decidedly not so :-). Sometimes, great events happen but come with a sting in their tail – life’s way of making them more ‘interesting’ I guess! Pondering these complexities of life reminded me of something I saw on my recent trip to Bordeaux (France) and I was inspired to dig out my photos and enjoy the feature one more time.

I had spent a good hour studying what was the most magnificent fountain I have ever seen and trying to capture its essence by taking a number of photos. I found it intriguing because the various components seemed to portray so many emotions at the same time – happiness, worry, peace, torment and joy. Yet it was so beautifully put together that nothing seemed out of sync with anything else. Everywhere one looked there was something ‘going on’ – the artist seemed to be endlessly teasing the viewer! The fountains of the Place des Quinconces seemed the ideal subjects to fit with my contemplations on life!

One of the fountains from the side - deceptively simple!

One of the fountains from the side – deceptively simple!

There are actually two fountains, one on each side of a large monument.  They are not symmetrical – each fountain is different. On one side, the fabulous sea horses draw an allegorical Chariot of the Republic while on the other they draw a similar Chariot of Concordia.

Sea horses show their wild side as they draw the chariots

Plumes of sea foam adorn the manes of the wild sea horses as they draw their chariots

Removing the mask to reveal a worried(?) face

Removing the mask to reveal an anguished face

A quiet moment to read..

Amidst all the action – taking a quiet moment to read…

Riding high!

Atop each fountain – a triumphant lady rides!

This amazing work of art was nearly lost to us on 14th August 1943, when the 34 metal sculptures were dismantled and taken away for recycling to support the war effort. However, they were happily found intact in 1944 and were returned to Bordeaux in 1945. It was not until 1982  that the wonderful sea horses  were again given back their chariots and the fountains restored to their original state.

Sometimes things are just plain funny!

Sometimes things are just plain funny!

A beautiful smile from a beautiful lady.

A beautiful smile from a beautiful lady.

If you ever get the chance to go to Bordeaux and want to see something absolutely amazing, I suggest you take some time out to enjoy these lovely fountains. They may get you wondering too…. !

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2 Responses to Every now and then..

  1. restlessjo says:

    They are pretty special, aren’t they? 🙂 Should I ever find myself near Bordeaux….


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