A touch of green and gold

The best time of day for me is during those ‘golden hours’ when a hot sun has finally sunken low enough in the evening sky to leave a warm golden glow. It is a time of peace, when it is easy to take time out to think and reflect on the day and life in general.

Tree But I am fussy about where this glow can be best appreciated – there is nothing to beat a totally natural landscape. The soft light brings out the best in the browns, greens and blues of nature’s palette – pure magic!

These beautiful trees provide a splash of indulgent fresh colour in the harsh dryness of late winter in southern Africa. The golden glow of sundown enhances their vibrancy.

This is the time of rest for many animals in this landscape. Daytime hunters and grazers seek out a safe haven for the night, while the night hunters wake and stir, waiting for dark to fall before they start out.

For me too, a time of quiet, to pause and think. Now if I could just get myself over to Africa for a few weeks, life would be perfect……!  🙂

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6 Responses to A touch of green and gold

  1. Ian Fraser says:

    You’ve caught that special time of day perfectly Madoqua – thank you!


  2. scrapydo says:

    First photo shows how dry it is/was and then just a patch of green. I agree with sunset as the best time for photographing landscapes


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