Have you ever…. photographed a dragon?

While travelling down the beautiful Tarn River valley between Millau and Albi in France, we were astounded at the magnificent scenery and lots of incredibly lovely views.

The Tarn River

The Tarn River

Climbing in and out of the valley a number off times, we passed a number of hydroelectric dams. The water behind each wall was very deep and a lovely aqua green colour.

One of the hydroelectric dams on the Tarn River

One of the hydroelectric dams on the Tarn River

It was while crossing of these dam walls that I came across this fabulous dragon mounted on a wall. There was no plaque explaining its presence or who had made it, but I thought it was quite impressive. Unfortunately, someone had left a garbage bin just nearby, which detracted a bit from its splendour!


An intriguing dragon – no explanation or story could be found about why it had been created or put up on the wall near the dam.

Have you ever come across a dragon in an unexpected place (or even in a place where you expected to find one!)? If so, why not put a photo on your blog and link it to this page for others to find? Perhaps we will end up with a collection of awesome dragons!

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6 Responses to Have you ever…. photographed a dragon?

  1. restlessjo says:

    He’s beautiful, isn’t he? I think I might even have photgraphed a tiny one today, so I may well take you up on that suggestion. 🙂
    France is a country I’ve yet to see but so much of it looks lovely. Maybe next August for our Silver Wedding.


  2. pommepal says:

    Quite intriguing…Are you biking up and down all those hills?


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