Playing on a gothic bridge

Cycling down the amazingly beautiful valley of the Tarn River between Millau and Albi (France), we came across the lovely village of Brousse-le-Château. These sorts of places fascinate me – purely because of their incredible age and rich history (and also the easy way their current inhabitants live with the latter).

I find it so hard to believe that people have walked the same little street as me for so many hundreds of years and wonder about all their stories.


Up above the village, towers belonging to the medieval castle are tantalising invitations for those who delight in the ancient medieval history of the region.



Then there are the current daily activities which still entertain – like my son having fun playing an imaginary air-guitar as he crossed the old gothic bridge which leads to the ancient cobblestoned roads of the village.


This post was in reply to Ailsa’s travel challenge: “Play”. For more fun and games, check out her blogsite at Where’s my backpack?

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12 Responses to Playing on a gothic bridge

  1. KarenEllis says:

    Loved looking at your photos.
    I recall AIX vividly because of the ancient stone streets and buildings just like these photos!
    Imagining the noises, people of that original time was neat.


  2. Madoqua, I had the same sense of timelessness in Cambodia. There’s something about certain places which makes us feel that we can almost see the characters from the past parading past. Beautiful pictures !


    • Madoqua says:

      Interesting that you found that in Cambodia as well. I must confess I know very little about the country, but that will need to be remedied!
      It is a strange feeling, I am pleased it is not only me who feels this way in old places 🙂 !


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a village straight from a fairy tale. The bridges remind me a little of Bruges.


  4. drawandshoot says:

    The ancient art of air guitar. : ) A beautiful place.


  5. restlessjo says:

    This is lovely, Madoqua! I love these beautiful old places too. Such character 🙂


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