A piece of the moon

Have you ever spent time gazing at our amazing moon and wondering what it is like to be up there on the moon’s surface – looking down on earth?

Or perhaps you (like me) have wondered why the myth was ever put about that the moon was made of cheese? (Why cheese???!! 🙂 )

The thing that never fails to amaze me about the moon is that there is only one and we all share it, regardless of our religion, politics or where we live on earth. No one fights for ownership, no one claims rights – it is just there and we all watch its waxing and waning and simply enjoy it.

I was recently visited the Space Museum in Toulouse (France) and saw a piece of rock which was brought back by the astronauts who landed on the moon. You can’t touch it as it is in a perspex viewing case, but you can get within a few centimetres to have a good look! Getting a photo without the light affecting things was quite difficult.

I was quite delighted. For those still working with the cheese concept – forget it!
I am not a geologist, so when I say it had shiny flecks throughout, that is how it appeared to me and I am not sure what they were.

So there it is! Real moon rock – about 6 cm in length.
Have you ever seen a piece of rock from the moon?

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5 Responses to A piece of the moon

  1. scrapydo says:

    Amazing! Really a piece of the moon unbelievable. Do you remember when we were young we could see the man in the moon some evenings.?


  2. restlessjo says:

    Definitely doesn’t look as appetising as my cheesy icecream 🙂


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