Remember summer?

The weather boffins tell me that the days are getting longer (interestingly, the sunrise is still apparently getting later though!) and summer is heading south.

There is a catch to this good news however – we have to get through the chilliest months of the year first before we are allowed to enjoy that wonderful warmth and sunshine.


Frost on a Grevillea alpina

Late July and August can have many days that are just bitterly cold. The worst of these in our neck of the woods are heralded by a big frost followed by the arrival of a thick fog (just on sunrise). The temperature obligingly hovers around freezing all day and often the fog forgets to leave until the sun has lost all hope of sending any warming rays down as far as me.

Those are the days I would like to spend many hours in front of a warm fire, drinking hot chocolate and dreaming of long summer days when it seems possible to squeeze just so much more activity into 24 hours!

Alas, no fireside is to be had in our house, but I can (and do) rug up and spend many hours enjoying TV coverage of the Tour de France (soaking in lots of virtual sunshine while enjoying that fantastic cycling spectacle). I also do spend time enjoying photos that I have taken in the summertime and planning what I will do in the garden next summer.


One such collection of warm weather photos are those of my lavender bushes. These are a haven for dozens of hungry white butterflies. The hotter the day, the more there will be, hovering around and feeding on the mauve flowers. These photos epitomise summer for me and leave me feeling delightfully warm and content!

Butterfly1 Butterfly

So, for all my readers from down south, I hope you will also enjoy some warming memories of summer. For those of you north of the equator, still enjoying that marvellous sunshine, perhaps you could soak in some summer atmosphere and share it with us down here in the wintry-zone!

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6 Responses to Remember summer?

  1. scrapydo says:

    Some part of the day feels like summer is on the way but when the sun sets brrr… it is still winter. Days are getting longer but it still is cold early mornings and at night. I took some photos of winter roses, the saying here is also as soon as daffodils are starting to open their flowers, winter is on the way out!


  2. My feelings exactly! I am also watching the days very carefully, trying to see if I can spot the day that the sun really seem to rise a bit earlier. We have had an extremely mild winter in Johannesburg, but I know August can often be much colder. But I was also thinking yesterday, that in a month’s time I will be counting the days till the beginning of Spring! Bring it on!


  3. pommepal says:

    Just heard on the news tonight that this July was the hottest on record by a couple of degrees, but August is going to be a chilly one 😦 I hope they have got it wrong this time


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