“Rustle of autumn”

As a child, I often fell asleep to the sounds of my mother playing a Rustle of Spring* on the piano. It was lovely and I still remember it with great pleasure.

Cycling home from work one afternoon, the sun was still warm and the golden light played on the colours in the deciduous trees as I passed by. It struck me then that I was experiencing a different sort of loveliness – the Rustle of Autumn rather than the Rustle of Spring! (Realistically, the term rustle is far more suited to Autumn than Spring anyway, when you think about it 🙂  )


Autumn1I decided to celebrate the beauty of the afternoon by cycling round the local district and capturing images of the sunlight in the trees.

The amazing contrast between the green and red foliage in the late afternoon was a delight. When Ailsa posted a travel theme of “contrast“; this seemed the perfect reply!

I am no musician, so for your enjoyment, here is my photographic rendition of a Rustle of Autumn.

(And I could not help but to put a photo of my bike in too!)




*The Rustle of Spring is a musical piece for the piano written by a Norwegian composer Christian Sinding  in 1896 (Source: wikipedia)

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4 Responses to “Rustle of autumn”

  1. fgassette says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors.



  2. scrapydo says:

    And here we are again in autumn again. So colorful


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