Liebster award

I have been nominated by both Elisa and Lisa for the Liebster Blog award. Lisa from Playamart – Zeebradesigns nominated me late last year, and although I drafted up a responding post, it has taken until now to actually see the light of day. More recently, Lisa from Autumn in Bruges also nominated my blog for this award so I am twice nominated and very appreciative to both authors. Given that the Award is for blogs with less than 200 followers, I had also better get a move on, as my followers list has suddenly (and happily) moved way over this milestone 🙂

The guidelines for these two nominations are a bit different, so I have merged them.

To be nominated, you need to have a blog that has fewer than 200 followers, answer some questions, nominate other blogs, and pass on the questions to them, or write your own. Like Lisa (from Playamart), I am going to include 5 questions and nominate 5 blogs for this award.

So firstly, to answer some questions:

1) As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do. Had a known about the digital revolution that was about to happen, I would have been a multimedia designer!

2) What book would you happily read over and over again?

“The endless steppe” by Ester Hautzig. (A story written from a child’s perspective about what happened to her and her Jewish family during the second World War).

3) What made you start your blog?

I wanted to write about the places I had been and things I had seen in my many travels. I also enjoy taking photos (particularly of plants, animals and landscapes) and the blog is place to post these for others to enjoy too.

4) What band would you join if you could?

I would love to be able to play the bagpipes and play in a Scottish marching band.

5) What new ending would you give a movie, and why?

I don’t watch many movies, but I do like those that have ‘happily ever after’ endings. It seems such a waste to have unhappy endings when the movie is fictitious and can have a feel-good, happy outcome!


Elisa had 11 questions, so here goes:

1) When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging almost exactly a year ago. I wanted to post stories about where I had travelled and what I had experienced during these trips. Also, there are so many things around all the time, in real life that are worth writing about.

2) What is your favourite aspect of travelling?

I love the feeling of relief when all the planning is done, the last minute things are taken care of and it is too late for the things that have been forgotten! Then, I can stop worrying, unwind and really start to get into the trip! (This is based on the fact that many of my trips take a lot of planning!)

3) What is the best food you have ever had and where?

Freshly cooked prawns eaten on a jetty at the beach.

4) What makes a place/trip/experience memorable?

The people you are travelling with.

5) Best travel experience?

Arriving in Paris at last (after 30 something years of dreaming of going there)

6) Best encounter while travelling?

This would have to be watching a leopard with its kill in a tree at Kruger.

7) What culture, other than yours, do you feel more connected to and why?

The French culture. I am not sure why I love all things French, but I do – the language, the  traditions, the scenery, the places.

8) What difference does travelling brings to your life?

I mostly cyclo-tour (except when I go to Africa) and I love being able to have the time to relax and enjoy a totally different place by seeing it from my bike.

9) What object do you always have with you when travelling and why?

My camera! The easy way to capture lots of great memories.

10) Your favourite travel blog/website?

This is difficult, because there are so many great ones out there. But I think I would have to go with Crazy guy on a bike. This website has lots of cycling journals written by all sorts of cyclists who have/are travelling around on their bikes.

11) Share a funny or awkward episode happened while travelling…

I was lucky to be sitting on a protected verandah watching an enormous storm produce thunder, lightning and buckets of rain. I was also fascinated and immensely amused by someone at a neighbouring cabin who was trying to keep his BBQ (braai) going. It was obvious from the sheer volume of rain pouring down that he was not going to be successful, but his efforts were quite valiant!

One of the things I enjoy about getting an award is being able to nominate others. However, this also is problematic because there are so many blogs I would like to nominate. However, here are 5 which I have selected:

For these nominees, please pass the accolade to a few of the other blogs you enjoy (if you so desire). If you have not already had a look at these, please visit them – you may enjoy them too.

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    Congrats to you! Happy blogging!


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