Have you ever…had one of “those” weeks?

PelicanEvery now and again, we go through times when things are a bit tough and it seems that life is handing out a few lessons that we rather wish we didn’t have to learn.

I have had one of those weeks and it has left me feeling rather jaded and tired.

A Blind Spot

A Blind Spot (Photo credit: Robin Hutton)

(I am trying hard to convince myself that I am temporarily a bit worn down, thereby avoiding the simple possibility that I might just be feeling my age!!  🙂 ).


When I feel this way, I start looking for wide open places to unwind, somewhere where I can think things through, clear my mind and to become re-energised. For me, these places need to be associated with water and my favourite place for this is the beach.


Unfortunately, I have to travel many hours to reach the sea, so when I do get there, I give my camera a good workout! I can spend endless hours watching the waves and delight in trying to capture them on camera just as they break, preferably with the sun shining through the clear water.


A greater challenge is to find a beach that is “untouched” by humans. No footprints, no flotsam or rubbish. Just clear, clean, smooth sand. Playing with the light and the water, it’s possible to get lovely reflections on these perfectly washed expanses.

This then, is a good place to clear the mind, let the sea breeze blow away the mental cobwebs and to escape the pressures of modern life for a while. Those of you who live near the beach and can enjoy this every day – half your luck!


So if you have had a week that has served you up some things that have been ‘hard to chew and tougher to swallow’, I hope these images of beautiful beaches and waves has helped to calm and revitalise your spirit, leaving you feeling a lot better.

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13 Responses to Have you ever…had one of “those” weeks?

  1. you are so right; there’s something special about the solace of nature, untainted by influences of modern man. may this weekend bring you sweet unexpected comforts.

    nice post!


    • Madoqua says:

      Thank you for your kind sentiments. You are right about nature, there are some lovely ‘peaceful’ places that are just perfect for spending time to regain perspective.


  2. pommepal says:

    Love your ocean photos I also try and capture that translucence of the sun through the waves. You have caught it in your photos beautifully. Hope the calmness and colour of the ocean helped you to feel better.


  3. restlessjo says:

    I enjoyed your beautiful images even though I don’t have so far to travel, Madoqua.
    Sorry about your week. Hope the next one is better. 🙂


  4. kevinmayne says:

    That is lovely.

    My bad to good week was capped off by bike rides and sunshine, nothing as stunning as this though.


  5. I have one of those weeks or shall I say weekend. I worked this weekend and it was mentally, emotionally draining but just like you, I find peace in knowing that soon I will be close to the sea. Beautiful pictures. Thanks.


  6. aj vosse says:

    It’s actually amazing just how life works… throwing ‘those’ weeks at us. Why? Why not just have the odd day here or there? Ah well… that’s life.

    I’m often heard to quip when someone says they’re having on of ‘those’ weeks… Oh well, I’m having one of ‘those’ months!! 😉


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