Weekly travel theme: a paler shade of red

If you (like me) have a weakness for wanting to stop and photograph flowers, animals and plants, then you will not get very far bushwalking in the environment below. Your bushwalking peers probably won’t understand your compulsion to spend the day on your hands and knees, looking for that special angle and the best light (given the gusty wind and inconvenient shadows cast by other shrubs and plants). They will have left you well behind by mid morning, and they will no doubt return to find you have not moved more than a few hundred metres by mid afternoon!


A flaming red version of the same species of plant.

A flaming red colour of the King Protea.

I have written of this place before. It is part of Table Mountain National Park near Cape Town in South Africa. Some of the most spectacular flora in the world grows in this area and for me, the King Protea (Protea cynaroides) is the most outstanding of them all.

I have posted photos of the red form of this species previously, but when Ailsa, from Where’s my backpack, proposed a weekly travel challenge of ‘Pale’, then this pale pink version came immediately to mind.

These particular flowers were not as large as the red ones I found, but I have seen large pink ones in the wild in other places in South Africa and many in cultivation (including those in my Australian garden!).

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9 Responses to Weekly travel theme: a paler shade of red

  1. That’s me, too, Madoqua!

    Those pinks are gorgeous – the subtlety of the pink bracts with the powdery-white florets appeals – especially on a bush with flowers in different stages of maturity – the little pink artichoke lights are a winner!


  2. Gorgeous flowers! Wow!


  3. drawandshoot says:

    They are so beautiful! The land equivalent to sea anemones. Graceful!


  4. scrapydo says:

    You must feel proud to grow some in your own garden! Here there was a garden last year with one protea bush in its garden. It had some flowers on it. The places was sold and guess what the new owners has thrown it out. What a shame!


    • Madoqua says:

      I really love Proteas and I want to collect them (which suits the local plant nursery just fine!). Unfortunately, I have not been able to look after some as well as I would have liked and they have gone to my immense and flourishing ‘garden in the sky!’


  5. Jo Bryant says:

    th e pink is just so soothing and beautiful…what a wonderful flower


    • Madoqua says:

      It is a lovely colour, I agree Jo. The downy bracts make me want to touch them! Likewise, I love the feel of the velvety florets on the inside too. It is a tough flower with a lot of soft features!


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