Dragonflies in Dijon

It seems that April is turning out to be a month of reaching milestones for “Have you ever…“.

Along with my 100th post, I have recently been humbled to realise that I now have over 200 bloggers who find my diverse ramblings worthy of reading!  When I first started writing stories on this website, I was awed by other blogs that had numerous followers and did not anticipate that I would ever reach 100 readers, never mind twice that number and then some!

It is timely to thank you all for your patronage and I hope you continue to enjoy my stories, musings and reflections as much as I enjoy writing them. I have learnt so much about other places in the world, the lives of different people and about blogging itself. It has been a wonderful journey which I hope will go on for many years.

I have been saving some photos of a remarkable feature in a garden in Dijon (France) for a special occasion, and now seems quite appropriate. These enormous dragonflies shimmered in the lovely autumn sunlight and were so perfectly placed, they could have been real.



I am always surprised and delighted by the creativity of artists and gardeners who think of such things and then go ahead to make them a reality. I would love something like this in my garden – it would certainly be a talking point!


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2 Responses to Dragonflies in Dijon

  1. drawandshoot says:

    I adore dragonflies – I haven’t seen any that large around here, though! ; )
    congratulations on your milestones.


    • Madoqua says:

      Thank you Karen! I am sure that if you found any dragonflies, you would weave that amazing photographic magic of yours and capture them in such a fascinating way!
      Anyone who enjoys beautiful photography should check out the wonderful images of winter in all its facets (amongst many other things!), on Karen’s site. You will be most impressed.


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