Caution: cheese on the road!

Recently, I came across a funny incident on a road some way below where I was parked and just had to capture it. I am sure that the owner of this cheese truck was not impressed when he lost his load down a hill and into a crowd of onlookers. But it was rather funny as all the cheeses rolled away merrily – some even landing on the railway lines below.

"Oh no! Who forgot to lock the back of the truck?"

“Oh no! Who forgot to lock the back of the truck?”

Closer inspection reveals a lot more going on. People are skateboarding down the hill behind, while others dodge the fast movers as they attempt to climb the slope. To the right, large crowds are gathering at a local fair (not visible in this photo).

This closer inspection does, however, also reveal some oddities. The rocky slope has some rather unusual textures and those cheeses really do look rather large when compared with the size of the people.

The truth is that this very detailed and humorous scene has been deliberately crafted on one of the largest model train layouts that I have ever seen. The image below shows the local fair and behind it, a seriously busy highway. In the foreground trains run intermittently according to a set timetable.

Downhill from the cheese incident there is a fair going on.

Downhill from the cheese incident there is a fair going on.

The Miniatur Wunderland is located in Hamburg in Germany. It currently has almost 13000 metres of model railroad track and new sections are planned and being built which will increase this to 20000 metres (66000 ft). To say that it is one very big layout is a serious understatement!

All those trees....

All those trees….

Up behind the cheese truck there is a steep hillside scattered with handmade trees. There are 228000 trees on the whole layout and they are each beautifully crafted.

More detail across the landscape.

More detail across the landscape.

The humour in this small section of the model is repeated all through the 13000 square metres (16000 square yards) of landscape. The longer you look closely at each scene, the more you will see!

With so much to see and capture, I will post a few more photos and some information on this amazing place. But for the moment, when Ailsa posed a travel challenge of Roads, the poor truck driver who last saw his cheeses rolling gaily down the road was the first thing I thought of in response!

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8 Responses to Caution: cheese on the road!

  1. drawandshoot says:

    Oh, that’s rather fun!
    : )


  2. megtraveling says:

    Good pictures and story!


  3. valens87 says:

    I’ve always wanted a train and a rails but not that big!!!ahah
    I think it’s amazing and I imagine people can look at this model for hours.
    The truck “scene” is super fun 😀


  4. Sartenada says:

    The way You presented Your post is enjoyable!!!


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