Weekly travel challenge: a bridge to nowhere

The weekly travel challenge posed by Ailsa this week on Where’s my backpack is Bridges.

This immediately brought to mind the most startling bridge I have ever seen, mostly because it is very big, most impressive, and simply stops in mid air!

Unfinished bridge

Unfinished bridge (Photo credit: elyob)

Because I came across the structure while we were driving on the road below, I was totally unprepared and unable to capture a photo, which is something I regretted at the time and still do.

However, I have found two images which were shared by someone on the internet, so have included these to show you what this amazing construction looks like (all credits and thanks to elyob).

The bridge is in Cape Town, South Africa. It is right in the centre of the city and is most startling, particularly when one comes across it suddenly, without realising it is there – which is what happened to me.

The first question that comes to mind is, of course “Is it finished?” Well, it is and it isn’t! As far as I am aware, there are no plans to ‘complete’ the bridge, so construction is effectively finished. But since it goes nowhere, I guess it remains unfinished too!

Unfinished bridge

Unfinished bridge (Photo credit: elyob)

If you are intrigued, there are a number of websites where your (immediate 🙂 ) questions may be answered, for example: Answerit.news24.com

In addition, the entertaining post on SanityFound’s Ramblings also has a great photo of this bridge and some amusing comments. Dippenaar.com.au has a great image capture of traffic on the bridge – vehicles which appear to have come from nowhere!

I found this bridge and its story absolutely fascinating. Next time I am in this lovely city, I will be making a point of getting some photos of my own. It is certainly a talking point! Have you come across any other ‘unfinished’ bridges in your travels?

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13 Responses to Weekly travel challenge: a bridge to nowhere

  1. Lu says:

    It is a bizarre thing!


  2. restlessjo says:

    I wouldn’t want to be driving along the “top road”, Madoqua! You’ve just reminded me that I’m doing this “Bridges” challenge. Help, when’s the deadline?


    • Madoqua says:

      It is such a strange situation. I doubt it’s possible to drive onto the bridge, but I believe people can walk on it ( I could be mistaken about this however). I am surprised there is not a fence across the end!


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  4. Sas says:

    We have a similar structure in Cardiff Bay. I think the idea was to connect the Bute tunnels to the docks, but they haven’t got around to it yet. A friend once told me that they saw bridges in Ireland that had no roads connected to them. Apparently the local council had recieved the funding for the bridges but were still waiting to get the funding for the roads to connect them all together.


  5. It really is fascinating! 😉


  6. scrapydo says:

    This is amazing! I did know it is such an old bridge already! It anyway shows you how money and people give meaning to things!


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