Piranha guards the mail!


This awesome Piranha mailbox was a contribution to the Amazing Mailbox Quest by my daughter.

Unlike most of the unusual mailboxes that I have captured, this one is in a suburban city.

I am not sure why the owner has selected a south American fish to decorate their garden, particularly one with such a ferocious reputation! If any one is interested  in Piranhas and would like to find out more about this piscatorial representative (which has a very serious set of teeth) Wikipedia has lots of interesting facts for you!

I did not realise that Piranhas are not just one sort of fish, there are four genera (and between 30 and 60 species; more are still being described – Wikipedia) – but it appears that all come from South America.

I have always believed that this group of fish was to be extremely feared as all found human flesh very tasty! Indeed, human deaths do occur and warnings abound (with good reason) in appropriate countries, but it seems that Piranhas can sometimes seen by locals more as a nuisance for stealing fishing catches than as a threat to human life. Still, I am sure I would be very, very cautious around Piranha infested waters.

Do you have any Piranha mailboxes in your district? Perhaps you would like to guess why someone in an urban setting might like this rather unusual mailbox? I am sure it could frighten small children – all those sharp teeth!

You are invited to join this quest! Already contributions from other bloggers so far are listed on my primary mailbox post. To see other posts on this blog which are part of the Amazing Mailbox Quest, please click on the link at the top of the page.

To participate in the Amazing Mailbox Quest:

Get a photo (please either photograph without the owner’s details or cover/blur them so that they are not readily identifiable) and post it on your site. It would be good to know the country and state of each entry, but to protect the privacy of the owners, please avoid any detailed location information in your post or in the photo(s).

Tag the post ‘Amazing mailbox quest’, then add a link to it in the comments on this page so that others can find your posts. I will also add a link (to your post) to the overall list along with everyone else’s.

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15 Responses to Piranha guards the mail!

  1. This is my favourite to date!


  2. Colline says:

    Quite an amazing piece of art – must have taken a while to create. No one will miss this mailbox 🙂


  3. valens87 says:

    It’s fun and scary at the same time! XD


  4. pommepal says:

    Love this one you have found, quite formidable


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