A man from Mars

The summer holidays have provided a bit of time for me to get away and do some travelling. This increased the opportunities for finding some more amazing mailboxes and quite a few have been added to my collection. These I will post as I get the chance.

I have been surprised at how many of these features have been on roads that I travel quite often. But until I started to look carefully, I did not really notice them!

ManMars1This delightful Man-from-Mars is one that I must have bypassed numerous times, if the rusty marks are anything to go by! But in my defence, he was off the road some way and not easy to spot!

Very creative use of old gas bottles has made a simple head and torso and flexible plastic pipe makes interesting arms and a neck. I think he is absolutely delightful!

(WARNING: cutting into a gas bottle, even when empty is extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening, please don’t copy this idea unless you get a properly qualified specialist to do the cutting).

I must confess I am intrigued about the fact that this mailbox effectively has two sections. Two families on one farm perhaps (it was in a rural area)? I wonder how the postie knows (a) which one to use and (b) which mail goes in each box? Perhaps the address specifies this information 😆

Have you found any quirky, different or unusual mailboxes in your travels? We would be delighted if you would add what you find to our collection – the more the merrier.

Bloggers who have either found photos or had them in their collection are listed on my primary mailbox post. To see other posts on this blog which are part of the Amazing Mailbox Quest, please click on the link at the top of the page.

To participate in the Amazing Mailbox Quest:

Get a photo (please either photograph without the owner’s details or cover/blur them so that they are not readily identifiable) and post it on your site. It would be good to know the country and state of each entry, but to protect the privacy of the owners, please avoid any detailed location information in your post or in the photo(s).

Tag the post ‘Amazing mailbox quest’, then add a link to it in the comments on this page so that others can find your posts. I will also add a link (to your post) to the overall list along with everyone else’s.

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16 Responses to A man from Mars

  1. sorry; we don’t have mail boxes! i love seeing these images! z


    • Madoqua says:

      I am quite surprised that mailboxes are not a more universal feature – but that is rather remiss of me, assuming that everyone uses the same postal systems!
      I am delighted that you are enjoying the series!


      • my first immersion in this different culture was in costa rica. the mail arrives in a central hub town, usually where the municipality is located. then, in costa rica where i lived, a man left once a week on his motorcycle and crossed two mountain peaks, about twenty miles and over an hour when the roads were good. if he had mail for me, he might stop a friend of a friend who knew me and asked them to pass it my way. almost always, maybe two months or so, when i saw the mailman, he would ask if i received the letter or package!

        here in ecuador, there’s a lady who leaves once a week to go to that hub city, and she brings the mail back to her little store/post office. she too will give the package to a friend or family member to pass along. if i need to send something, i take it to her, and she takes it the next week, then returns and tells me what i owe her for postage! she might have scales now and can tell me in advance, but years ago, that’s what she did!

        thanks! z


        • Madoqua says:

          Isn’t that an amazing system! We are so spoilt by having the mail come to the gate each day.
          Thanks for taking the time to add your story to my mailbox challenge. It certainly adds a new perspective that perhaps not many people (including myself) may know about.


  2. scrapydo says:

    Also an interesting one!


  3. edelweiss says:

    Hey, your quest for mailboxes is really cool!
    I haven’t seen any such creativity around my place but maybe I am not looking around that well!


  4. I’m truly enjoying travelling with you on the mailbox quest. The time and effort that people are spending on something which many of us take for granted, is amazing. This one comes a close second to the spider mailbox, which incidentally is my favourite 🙂


    • Madoqua says:

      Thank you GlassBangle. I’m delighted you are enjoying the series! I agree about the spider mailbox, but I have heard of a spinning wheel mailbox which I will post soon. I have a passion for spinning wheels, so the spider may have some serious competition in my ratings!


  5. pommepal says:

    Another creative mail box, amazing how some people love to be different. It is amazing how trustful the people in Costa Rica are with their mail. Interesting insight into another culture. (I’m still looking….)


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