The mystical side of tropical Queensland!

Recently, when I was in Cairns* I had some time to wander through the beautiful beachfront areas of the city. Dusk was approaching and the downtown precincts of the city were humming with activity.

It was the evening before the solar eclipse** was going to happen and it seemed that the population of Cairns had grown exponentially! There was an air of suppressed excitement, tinged with apprehension. Many people had travelled a very long way to be there and the weather was not looking too great for the big event! Crowds were everywhere – walking along the beach, sitting in parks and generally soaking up the atmosphere.

A group of trees in ethereal blue

A group of trees in ethereal blue

A considerable contribution to the lovely atmosphere was found in amongst the trees of the foreshore area. The local council has placed coloured lights along the walkways which illuminate the trunks and lower branches of the tropical trees in a most mystical way. Unfortunately, as I was with others, I did not have a great deal of time to experiment with this lovely feature – this probably also saved me from a number of mosquito bites – I am a true mosquito magnet!

However, I did capture some images that I do like. I suspect that the ambient lighting favoured the blues, rather than the reds, yellows or greens, because I have more blue images than any other colour.

This seemed like the perfect response to Ailsa’s Travel Challenge: Mystical this week. So here it is for you to enjoy – a mystical evening on the lovely beachside area of Cairns.

*Cairns is in the far north of Queensland, Australia
**For those who missed the account of the amazing solar eclipse, here is the link to the “Dark side of the sun“.

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6 Responses to The mystical side of tropical Queensland!

  1. Colline says:

    I find the images with the blue more attractive too. Looks like something out of a fantasy story.


    • Madoqua says:

      I thought it was very creative of the Cairns council to take something ordinary like park lighting and make it a feature. The other colours would probably have stood out better when it was a lot darker.


  2. With my favorite color being blue…this quickly caught my eye…your photos are so very beautiful, and i love the way these use different colors to add a lot of spice to the trees thanks for sharing…God bless!


  3. This is interesting! I’m taking a lot of tree silhouette photos and this seems like another form of that.


    • Madoqua says:

      I am looking forward to seeing your photos from this project Lisa. Trees are such wonderful subjects because of their capacity to grow in all sorts of strange ways!
      We have a tree in our local district that has a child’s tricycle embedded in its trunk! The tree has actually grown around it!


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