This is an amazing post which has photos of hundreds of sea urchins on a beach in Southern Africa. I have never seen anything like it. I hope you enjoy Lisa’s post.

Notes from Africa

The Southern Cape has been having above average rainfall this year. The Langeberg mountains close to Witsand received three times as much rain as is usual for October. Heavy rains in mid-October caused the Breede River to flood, and the large amount of fresh water entering the sea at Witsand caused havoc in the Witsand rock pools. The change in the salinity of the water drove away fish and other sea creatures like octopi, and killed a lot of the sea urchins. The shells all washed up on the beach in numbers which are rarely seen.

Sea urchins, for those that don’t know,are small, spiny, globular animals related to sea stars, sea cucumbers, brittle stars, and crinoids.  Willie was down in Witsand this past weekend and took some great photos of the sea urchin shells and other marine life which washed up on the beach.

Other post about Witsand…

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