A challenge for fun! Does anyone know what the subject of this photo is?

Cycling through the middle ages

On our last cyclo-tour of France, we arrived early at our stopover in Narcy, so took advantage of the lovely afternoon  to offload our luggage and to take the bikes for a casual ride.  Luckily we took our cameras, because we unexpectedly came across a feature that was quite fascinating.

The photo below is from this place.

The challenge is for you to guess what this is 🙂

Some information that may help: it is part of a larger structure that was built in the 14th Century and has been owned a by number of people, the last of whom left it to fall into ruin. For those of you who have travelled a  lot and have seen all sorts of things in their wanderings, have you ever come across or photographed such a feature?

(Follow this link for the itinerary and details for our Tour of France)

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