A garden or two in stitches

There is no doubt that some people have the most amazing creativity and skill, but above all – patience. Patience to stitch for hours, to create and make the most intricate and beautiful pictures from fabric and coloured thread.

These skills have been handed down in my family from both my mother and my father’s side. However this post is a tribute to a great-grandmother (DM) and her great grand-daughter (JL). Two people whose time on this earth overlapped for a mere 21 months, but each did know and enjoy each other’s company in that time.

An embroidered country garden

An embroidered country garden

This embroidered country garden was given to me by my grandmother when I was about 10 years old. She told me she had done the embroidery, but did not say when she had done it or why she was giving it to me. Typical of a young child, I did not think to ask. There is one thing for sure though, it would have been drawn and stitched from scratch on that piece of ordinary cotton!

But I loved it and treasured it for many years before I framed it and put it on the wall where I now see and think of her every day. It has lost none of its colour and I still think it is very beautiful.

The image below is a counted tapestry, which also requires endless skill and patience to work out where each stitch should go and what colour it should be. It too is a lovely portrayal of flowers, but these are a selection of wild Australian species. At this time of year, the bush is filled with flowers, many of them quite small, but they are vibrant and colourful. When collected together, this is just what they look like.

A beautiful tapestry depicting Australian native flowers
A beautiful tapestry depicting Australian native flowers

This lovely display was hand stitched by my daughter in recent years and is one of many exquisite tapestries that she has done. What a talented and artistic person!

And so time comes and goes, but family skills and talents stay alive and re-emerge with each passing of generations. What a lovely way to link a family!

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11 Responses to A garden or two in stitches

  1. scrapydo says:

    It sure links family together. My sister gave me a silk ribbon embroidery piece. I framed it and it looks gorgeous in my lounge. The framer even said he had never seen such a beautiful piece of work.


  2. fgassette says:

    A beautiful gift to have and pass down to one generation to another. To also pass down the creative art is even more of a treasure. You don’t often find young ones wanting to learn this art. My neighbor has made me many such items and I also treasure.



    • Madoqua says:

      You are so right. I am not sure why younger generations have lost interest in doing these sorts of activities. Too many competing things like the internet, mobile phones (etc) perhaps? Or maybe these skilled people are still out there and we just don’t know about them.


  3. eclecticlamb says:

    It is such a wonderful treasure to have something handmade by a loved one after they have passed. Beautiful stitching and beautiful post!


  4. cocoaupnorth says:

    Beautiful pieces and a lovely family link. I admire the patience it takes to make these beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing.


    • Madoqua says:

      It does take so many hours, but the outcome is lovely.
      I wish I knew more about my grandmother’s embroidered garden, but I doubt I ever will because no one else in the family knows anything about it.


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