That golden time of day

Life today is so busy and full, that sometimes we forget to stop and just live for the present moment. To stop worrying about tomorrow and what was not completed today, but to just simply “be”.

Every now and again, nature provides a golden dusk and for me, this is a special and such a magical time of day. A reminder that it is time to stop living in the busy future or past and to simply enjoy the life at that very moment.

Vultures watch and wait patiently for signs of a hunt

Vultures watch and wait patiently for their dinner

Golden dusks normally occur in summer time, at the end of a hot day, when the coolness of the evening is starting. The sun gets low in the sky and casts long shadows behind a gold tinted world. The sky is invariably cloudless, crystal clear and seems to go on forever.

Giraffe graze during the cool of the evening

Giraffe bask in the late afternoon light – enjoying the cool of the evening

Bark and foliage take on a lovely glow in the dusky sunlight

Bark and foliage take on a lovely glow in the dusky sunlight

Golden evenings tend to be most noticed and appreciated when living in close proximity to nature such as when camping. They are also probably more common than most people realise, but we just don’t notice.

Yet everything seems to look different and just a bit special. Perhaps we should seek out the golden times in life a bit more than we currently do.

I have a number of photos taken with this amazing lighting, but I have chosen this selection because they are all from Kruger National Park (South Africa).

[The photo of the cheetahs was particularly special as they are highly elusive and rarely seen. We were able to watch this pair for about 20 minutes as they walked past with apparent unconcern. They were watching and listening to something in the distance but we were not able to work out what it was.]

Cheetahs listening and waiting for the right time to hunt

Cheetahs watch, listening and meander about – waiting for the right time to start their hunt

There is nothing better than to relax with a glass of wine and to enjoy the beautiful warm evening glow. This is especially good when the day has been full and busy, and the opportunity to unwind is welcome.

A welcoming golden glow invites the weary to relax

A welcoming golden glow invites the weary to relax at the end of the day

In Australia, these golden evenings also feature and are no less spectacular or special. I have also enjoyed a few evenings where the light is pink, rather than golden orange. The pinkish glow (probably a result of dust in the air) is actually rather eerie!

When was the last time you soaked up a golden evening and reflected on the beauty of the world around you?

This article was inspired by the WordPress writing challenge: a splash of colour!

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12 Responses to That golden time of day

  1. Ian Fraser says:

    Madoqua, these are truly beautiful (helped by being taken in one of my favourite parks). I am most envious of the Cheetahs though, which have always evaded me. I’m drawn to sunsets, but haven’t focussed much on that pre-sunset glow; I’ll have to think more about that. Thanks for this.


    • Madoqua says:

      Ian, thanks for your comments. We were so lucky with those cheetahs and still can’t believe our good fortune! Until then, all we had had was a few fleeting glimpses as a cheetah vanished into the undergrowth 🙂


  2. scrapydo says:

    This is beautiful. The golden evenings are very special. I lived in Potgietersrus or Bushveld for many years where the sunsets are golden. Thanks for sharing this special piece of writing.


  3. ivfmale says:

    Those photos are gorgeous. Sadly the Golden Hour is too often missed while we are busy with modern life. Hidden away indoors.


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  5. bspokeon says:

    This is grand! I had the pleasure of visiting the Kruger Park for the first time earlier this year… we set out for a game drive at about 4am to catch the sunrise and the golden wonders that followed. Here’s clip I took of the ever elusive leopard having breakfast that morning


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