Solitary (enormous) spiderweb

This post is not for Arachnophobes or any one who simply does not like spiders! I don’t mind them, but I am not fond of snakes (but that’s a whole different story :-)).

Location of the web

Location of the web – the gap is about 4 metres across the top

Early one morning last summer I was delighted to find that a spider had been at work overnight, and had spun a truly magnificent web in my garden. The web was suspended between two bushes a good 4 metres (a bit over 4 yards) apart and about 3 metres off the ground. How the spider got from one bush to the other to start the web is beyond me, as it was a perfectly still night (no breezes to swing on!).

Detail of the web

Closer look at the web – it was about a metre wide and 1.5 metres long – exquisite detail.

I could not see the spider, but there were quite a few big webs like this in other places over the summer, and the spiders caring for those were quite large (I have no idea what sort they were). I assume that my garden web was created by one of these large arachnids.

The web did not last long, only a day or two (all that work for such a short hunting period!). Then it just disappeared. Perhaps a branch from a nearby tree fell and broke the main threads, I am not sure.

This little story has been posted in response to the WordPress Challenge: Solitary.

This was the biggest spider web I have ever seen; it was out on its own and wherever its owner was waiting patiently for prey to arrive, it would certainly have been a silent and solitary wait.

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10 Responses to Solitary (enormous) spiderweb

  1. Lois says:

    I actually like spiders if they are not too big and not too black and hairy. We have quite a big one in our kitchen window called Dave who has lovely stripey stockings. He catches and eats the pesty little flies who hover round our basil… However your web is fantastic!! Amazing!! Do you think it was a team of spiders?


    • Madoqua says:

      I like your criteria for a likeable spider!
      The web was certainly big and very strong – it had a lot of tension on it because of the size of the gap where it was built. I think it was only one spider – the webs I saw elsewhere were similar (but not so big) and only had one owner. I never thought to get a photo of those spiders.


  2. 76sanfermo says:

    I’d never suspected something like this,it sounds like a miracle…..Madoqua has been so BRAVO in taking the photo! Thanks for sharing!


  3. adinparadise says:

    How industrious of that spider. It was obviously expecting a good catch. Hope it wasn’t disappointed. I’d hate to walk into one these webs by accident, and get it all in my hair. Nightmare! 😀


    • Madoqua says:

      Yes, it was a busy spider and I also hope it was worth it! There were a few small flies in it when I took the photos.
      I was very careful not to walk into it – ooh, that would be the stuff of nightmares!


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