Music in pictures: Trusting an elastic band

Autuminbruges has posted a lovely song Better Days by Eddie Vedder. In the quest to find an interpretation of this music in response to this interesting challenge, I have decided to go with a somewhat literal view of the lyrics.

A few years ago, I watched a number of people trust their lives to someone they did not know who was using equipment that could have been first class quality (or not!). They were bungee jumpers at the Bloukrans River Bridge in South Africa.

The Bloukrans River Bridge

The Bloukrans River Bridge – it’s a BIG bridge

These young people showed remarkable courage as they embraced the challenge that they had set for themselves. The last four verses of the song really spell out what they were about – they were planning to jump off one of the highest bridges they had probably ever seen – trusting their life to an elastic band!

The arch where jumpers risk all

The arch where jumpers risk all

Having made the decision to jump and to trust their guide (and his gear!), they then could not run away from that without losing face – not with their peers, but with themselves. Stepping up to the jump ramp, they were inevitably quiet, wondering if this was really such a great idea after all. Then a big scream as they launched into the air and realised that it was too late now to change their mind  – hoping like mad that their trust in that elastic lifeline was not going to be betrayed!

This was followed by the realisation that they were free falling – nothing holding them back! Their arms went out wide to soar like a bird for just a few seconds. This must have been a very exhilarating feeling, and probably the reason why repeat jumpers come back for more!

Hanging on the end of the rubber bungee elastic

Hanging on the end of the rubber bungee elastic

Then it is over, and the relief of having survived creates another adrenalin rush! Will they come back for more? Talking to them afterwards, they were excited and proud that they had met their challenge, but few were keen to go back and have to work through those highly charged emotions and tensions again!

Life is like this. Every now and again, we have to make decisions about things that we think will work well, and then we take the plunge and hope that our trust will be rewarded. I was content to watch others jumping, but that rubber band was just a bit too high risk for me!

Would you be game enough to jump off this bridge?

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8 Responses to Music in pictures: Trusting an elastic band

  1. scrapydo says:

    No thank you, I don’t even want to think about it. It is like you say we take the plunge and hope.. many times


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  3. Oh well… I wish I had te courage to try bungee jumping once, but I don’t think I would trust that tiny elastic…… And for the second time you made a great post out of nothing 🙂 thank you!


  4. Madoqua says:

    I had to think a lot about the song you posted – it was a difficult one!
    But those are the photo challenges I enjoy! So thank you too!


  5. shadreyer says:

    Bloukrans is the highest bungee in the world at 216m . I have taken many international volunteers who I work with up to do it but no thanks! I would rather jump out of a plane at 10 000 ft!!!


    • Madoqua says:

      I did not know it was the highest, but I can certainly believe it! I agree, I would not have the courage to jump off the bridge.
      It is such a fabulous gorge – quite spectacular!


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