Travel challenge: Silhouette – dawn in the mist

Silhouettes are fascinating, and the discussion regarding the skills required to photograph these views on life is just as interesting. Ailsa has some stunning captures on her “Where’s my backpack” site, with people in many different poses watching a large fountain.

Most silhouette photos seem to be taken at dusk, but the one I have selected was taken at dawn. The image was captured from the back of an elephant while on a dawn foray into Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

It was eerily still and quiet – elephants move without making a sound and there was a thick mist swirling around us, limiting vision, but also creating a close intimate atmosphere with the surrounding bush.

Sunrise in the mist

Sunrise in the mist


When the sun eventually came up, it struggled to break through the thick fog that blanketed the ground. It was the perfect time to capture an unforgettable moment.

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29 Responses to Travel challenge: Silhouette – dawn in the mist

  1. scrapydo says:

    Beautiful moment captured


  2. Beautiful! I’ve been thinking of doing a photographic series of tree silhouettes.


    • Madoqua says:

      Thank you for your appreciation! I would love to see your photos when you get to capture them. I have never thought to try and get a series of photos like that – it is a good idea.


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  4. Amy says:

    Great image!


  5. Jo Bryant says:

    so much atmosphere in this image


  6. Madoqua says:

    Jo, so pleased you like it. It is one of my favourite photos! Taken before the days of digital cameras.


  7. ledrakenoir says:

    Beautiful shot… 😉


  8. Joanna Aislinn says:

    That image looks like a blossom captured in the trees. Kind of like the moon forming a sixth “Olympic ring” at the London games this past summer. Awesome.


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  10. Bams Triwoko says:

    Beautiful sunrise… love it..


  11. This photograph is exquisite!


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