Music in pictures: skies of blue

Lady Winter is toying with us in the Antipodes at the moment. One day is glorious, sunny with a definite hint of summer on the way, then the next we have subzero temperatures, snow and antarctic winds. But this is August DownUnder – take it or leave it!

But on those glorious days, the clear crispy air seems to make the colours of the emerging spring flowers all the more startling and vivid. Two of my favourite types plants are in flower at the moment.

The Acacias (Wattles) are now out everywhere you look. Roadsides, gardens and parks are turning bright yellow! There is no more brilliant and intense colour than the yellow that is found on the soft little balls of the Acacia trees when they are backdropped with the intense blue of the late winter sky.

Acacia baileyana

Brilliant yellow wattle tree against the blue sky

Close up of brilliant yellow wattle flowers

Close up of brilliant yellow wattle flowers

Except perhaps, well maybe the deep pinky-red of the Eucalyptus caesia – also known as Gungurru. These are amongst the largest of the Eucalyptus flowers and against the blue sky, they are just stunning.


Gungurru – Eucalyptus flowers brilliant against the sky

The large flowers of the Gungurra-Gungurru

The large flowers of the Gungurru

Louis Armstrong sang the unforgettable “What a wonderful world”, charming the whole world back then and still does this every time the music is played. He sang about the “skies of blue….” and this song brings these images to my mind every time, without fail!

Autumninbruges has taken the opportunity to interpret this lovely music using photos and has put up a quest for everyone to present their interpretation. What do you think of when you hear Louis Armstrong sing this tune? Check out other ideas and post your own on Autumn in Bruges.

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9 Responses to Music in pictures: skies of blue

  1. Thank you three times! Firstly because you decided to participate, secondly because you chose such nice pictures, thirdly because you invited other people to join 🙂 Love the post and in particular the picture with the mimosa flower…


  2. scrapydo says:

    Beautiful! Those Eucalyptus are also in full bloom here. The Tui’s love them. Every morning it is a whole choir at sunrise outside!(That’s when it is not raining)


  3. Helen says:

    All the wattles are beginning to flower in our front yard. They are so cheerful. And they all have slightly different shades of yellow.


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  5. Amy says:

    I absolutely love Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world”. Great post, beautiful photos!


  6. Madoqua says:

    Amy, thanks for coming by and appreciating my photos and my post! I agree about the song – I have been humming it all week since this challenge started!


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