Travel theme: entertaining signs

Signs are everywhere. They are mostly taken for granted, yet we use them every day, and often a great number of them. They line our roadways, cover our buildings and appear on TV and the internet in their thousands.

I have come across a few entertaining signs in my travels. When Ailsa posted a “Where’s my backpack?” challenge to see who had found entertaining signs in their travels, this one immediately came to mind.

Please stay OFF this jetty!

It amused me immensely the first time I saw it and it still makes me laugh. I found it near the Knysna, a town on the southern coast of South Africa.

The sign is a little difficult to read, so I enlarged it.

Actually, I would like to watch someone attempt to use the jetty – it could be very entertaining!

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12 Responses to Travel theme: entertaining signs

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  2. Jo Bryant says:

    I guess though there will always be THAT one who will try it


    • Madoqua says:

      I must admit, I looked at what was left of the jetty and thought that anyone wanting to ‘use’ it would have to be very creative!
      There is nowhere to walk or sit and the rust and barnacles would make the whole thing very unpleasant too!


  3. Myra GB says:

    Very sobering warning indeed. 🙂 You’re right, must be an adventure-seeker who would dare try it.


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  5. ailsapm says:

    It’s a really great looking jetty though, so worn and rusty – maybe not safe, but a great subject for a photo! Good one, Madoqua.


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  7. seapunk2 says:

    I love signs. 😀


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