Travel theme: leading lines in natural pavements

Eaglehawk Neck on the island of Tasmania (Australia) has a violent history related to its convict past. Checking the location of this site on Google Maps will show why the convicts came to this place – it was the shortest way to escape on foot from the prison at Port Arthur.

Nowadays, however, that is past and it is what is found on the lovely beach that brings folks to marvel and wonder. Ironically, though, the attraction for the modern traveller predates the penitential era quite considerably. The convicts too, could have appreciated these amazing formations (if they had not had far more urgent things on their mind – like surviving the vicious guard dogs on the beach!).

This post has been one that I have been considering for some time. However, Ailsa has challenged us to come up with a response to her travel post: Leading Lines, and this fits the bill perfectly, so here it is! These photos were taken while on a camping trip in Tasmania in the summer of 2010.

Crazy paving

What you see in the photo above is not a concrete path that has been artistically finished to create a special effect. This crazy paving is the work of nature and can be found on the shore at Eaglehawk Neck. It is called ‘tessellated pavement‘ and has resulted from movements in the earth’s crust as well as wave/water/sand action on the rocks.

Lines are so straight, seems they have been made artificially

There are basically two types of formations. In one, depressions have formed in the rock centres where the actual rocks have eroded faster than the edges near the cracks. This is shown in the photo of the rock ledge below.

Depressions where erosion has removed the centre surface of the stones, but not the edges

The other type of formation results in things that look like enormous loaves of bread! In this situation, the cracks have eroded and the centre of the rocks remain – smoothed off on each edge.

Loaves of rocks, neatly stacked together!

Underwater miniature sea garden in a rock depression

Everywhere one looks on this rock formation, there are straight lines made up of cracks and crevices.

Beautiful little ‘underwater gardens’ filled with seaweeds, empty shells and live aquatic animals are scattered in depressions on the surface of the platform with larger pools inviting exploration around the rocky edges.

It is a photographer’s dream come true!

Petrified loaf from an ancient bakery?

Other entries so far in the Travel Theme: Leading Lines challenge are:

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38 Responses to Travel theme: leading lines in natural pavements

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  2. Shaanthz says:

    This is amazing – a true wonder of nature.


  3. Love all these images – especially the “loaves!”


    • Madoqua says:

      The “loaves” are really amazing aren’t they? I had to take lots of photos from all angles, I was quite taken with them too! Thank you for the appreciation of my photos!


  4. Green Eyes says:

    Great selection.


  5. Lois says:

    Incredible! Yet one more place I have to add to my Tasmanian itinerary… I reckon I’ll have to spend a year there if I ever manage to save enough pennies to go!


  6. Lois says:

    I love the little rock pool gardens!


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  8. Amy says:

    Great post! Your interpreting is very helpful!


  9. ailsapm says:

    Fabulous shots, Madoqua, those loaves are amazing! That bottom shot looks like a big batch of overdone bread, it’s incredible, and hard to believe it is a natural phenomenon. Great post.


    • Madoqua says:

      It would be rather nice to have the skill to make a loaf of bread that looked that perfect! The thing I found most amazing was the straight lines and the perfect blocks!


  10. Briliant idea my friend, Chapeau!


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  12. ahecticlife says:

    I love your version of it. Great pictures! What a coincidence that we both used the tessellated pavement for this challenge.


  13. cathome36 says:

    Absolute amazing. looks like one can just add jam and have breakfast…


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  15. Jo Bryant says:

    i can’t pick a favourite cause I love them all…very creative take


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  19. trishworth says:

    I love tessellated pavement, and often see it along the south coast of NSW. It’s not quite as stunning as the examples in your photos but the effect still makes be look twice to check whether it’s manmade. But it never is. I love your photos. Thanks for showing us.


    • Madoqua says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on this post. I would love to know whereabouts some of these sites are on the south coast? Tasmania certainly has a great example.


  20. drawandshoot says:

    This is quite amazing. Beautiful photographs and fascinating.


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