Venus in the sun

Yesterday, we had the most miserable day. It rained, the wind howled and it was cold. The outlook for getting a nice clear day to watch the transit of Venus was not encouraging.

Today, things were totally different! Completely clear skies, not a trace of our usual winter fogs, and a light dusting of frost. The weather was simply perfect to watch a most momentous and rare event.

Bright sunshine promises a great day of Venus watching

A clear cold day means frost – seen here on some Grevillea flowers

The question was how we were going to view this amazing event. Eventually, we decided to set up a telescope and project the image onto a sheet of paper. Simple tools and a simple technique that worked beautifully after a bit of fine adjustment!

Getting our technique right. Venus just starting its transit across the sun

When we finally got everything lined up correctly, it was with great awe and excitement we watched Venus as it started its transit across the sun. It was so clear and some of the sunspots were also easy to see.

We took lots of photos, which at the end of the day, looked like lots of small dots on big dots, but it was exciting to imagine what those dots meant up there in the heavens!

Me showing how we set up our equipment to watch Venus moving across the sun

Nearly gone – another 105 years before this will be seen again!

It looks as if something has taken a tiny bite out of the edge of the sun!
Special event going, going….. gone!

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