African tree lover

Imagine you are driving slowly down a sealed narrow road, not another car or person in sight. Surrounded by bushland with occasional open fields, some extending a long way back into the bush. Coming across a wide open space, you scour the grassland, and then scan across the landscape, checking for signs of wildlife. You see a large tree, some 60 metres from the road. What would you expect to see?

A bird perhaps, a big vulture, or if you were lucky, perhaps a big owl? But no, the place is Africa, the space is Kruger National Park in Southern Africa and you are treated to a big cat!

Resting quietly, waiting for the evening hunting time. Leopards are not easy to spot, you have to look long and hard, but what a treat!

I’m not sure who watches who in these instances, but this one was certainly watching me long before I spotted it and returned the favour. Incredible and very beautiful animals.

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